2. 11/25/21 (Three Days)

Adobe After Effects

On November 25, 2021, I asked my girlfriend to marry me.

In place of using words (which I’m not very good at), I made a three-shot short film to do the heavy lifting of helping me illustrate just how and why she is such an important person who I want in my life forever.

The basic concept is a depiction of the three most important days of our lives together so far: the day we met (I was a Lyft driver, she was my passenger); the day we adopted our dog (it took him a couple weeks to get in the backpack, but he does love coming along on bike rides); and the day I proposed. I had some photo references of the AirBNB in Joshua Tree we would be staying at, so I was able to manufacture the moment on screen long before we ever sat out there to watch the Thanksgiving sunset. I knew from the instant I came up with the idea to make a film that I wanted that moment where the narrative seamlessly blended into reality.

Most importantly, she did say yes.