5. WhatsApp / Privacy In Your Hands


Adobe After Effects

I was hired by agency 3Q Digital to direct a short, easy-to-watch video highlighting WhatsApp’s in-app privacy features. 

I was presented with a script for on-screen text, a loose story outline (we follow a character throughout his day), and a character sketch (Hugo - a man in his 20s) and filled in the narrative, details, and shot list myself. We ended up with a fun, high energy video that depicts the features with an airy effortlessness designed to mimic that of the features themselves.

This video ended up being translated into over a dozen languages for many of WhatsApp’s international markets. Additionally, we made a second version specifically for the Egypt market as video calling is not available in that region.

Sound design and mixing was done by the very talented Harm Eesterhuizen at Zing Audio.

Before entering production, I pitched three different distinct visual directions for the video. Below are the styleframes from pre-production. In each approach it was imperative to create a simple and yet dynamic environment that featured WhatsApp’s very memorable bright green brand color.