4. Sapphire Slows - “Confession”

Adobe After Effects/Adobe Photoshop

A red-eye pilot longs for solace on a lonely flight.
Confession is a short film/music video project that took five years to materialize and two years to create.

I began thinking seriously about transitioning my personal efforts to animation full-time shortly after I graduated from college in 2015. However, it took several years to modernize and build my skills to a place where I felt they could accurately visualize the ideas I had. Confession is the first full manifestation of that idea. 

All drawing, texturing, lighting, character design, sound design and animation was done by me.

Sapphire Slows is an artist I greatly admire and I had been trying in various capacities to make a visual to her music since 2013. I am really proud that this video is what finally came to pass. You can purchase the album Time here.