11. Fellow Americans



Adobe After Effects

Since 2020, I have been hired by my friends at Rope Line Media to direct and animate three 30-second spots for left-wing media non-profit Fellow Americans.

“Saved by Science” tells the story of a vaccine skeptic who has been convinced by the benefits that getting vaccinated afforded her life. The script and voiceover were set when I joined the project, but all character design and directorial decisions were my own. The project took about 3 weeks to complete and premiered in July of 2021.

“Two Coronas” is about the coronavirus pandemic for left-wing media non-profit  Rope Line provided the script and content, character design and pacing were all decisions left up to me. Due to the rapid evolving nature of current events, this project had to be extremely quick and nimble. From our kickoff meeting to full animation delivery, this video came together in 13 days.

It premiered on Fellow Americans’ social media channels on April 9th, squarely in the center of the pandemic’s peak in the United States.

“I Miss You” is told from the perspective of a daughter writing a letter to her father, expressing concern for his development of alt-right political views. I was given the loose concept and a voiceover script, and it was my job to storyboard, design, illustrate, and direct the final product. Start-to-finish, the project was completed in about 3 weeks.

Overall, it was a joy to be able to work professionally in a narrative, illustrated style. Getting a chance to explore and solve aesthetic problems like aging characters and telling the story in such a short amount of time were welcome challenges, and I am quite proud of the result.